The Story

My dear, sweet Mama was diagnosed with small cell stage four lung cancer on June 17th, 2016. This blog is meant to share my story in a round about, non-linear, yet authentic way of what happened then and now. It is an attempt to show you the story grief has been whispering to me. It is also meant to express how I cultivated the sacred space for her to have a good, gentle and dignified death. My desire to write this blog is a response to how we navigate, but really try to negate, the beauty and necessity for heartfelt grief and our cultural attitude toward death and dying. If I can love my grief, I ask myself, then I might be able to really experience healing, live more passionately, more authentically, with more compassion for others, and in the end be more ready and present on my own death bed. Loving our grief today is an act of radical self and cultural transformation. What does it take to love your grief? What will it take to bring death and dying into loving light in our culture today? Come with me while I explore learning how to dance with grief and death. 

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