January 16, 2019

You might be wondering, where have I been? I want to take a little time to explain what has been happening for me in reference to writing this blog. I started this endeavor in the summer, last year. I have a vision of it being a place to tell the story of caring for my dear, sweet Mama who was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. I see it as a place where I share with you all the things I learned about walking her toward her...

July 31, 2018

There is no right place to start this story. I imagine it really began when my Mama was a young girl, longing to be a loving parent. For me though, this story started when I realized my Mama's worth. 

I was a hellion kid. The kind that started fights with my older sister and younger brother, began drinking freshman year of high school and just gave my parents a hard time. I think I did everything the opposite my Mama aske...

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